• We deliver the interpretation services at our office in Bratislava at Ružová dolina 6 on working days from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM. We are experienced interpreters into English and German language. We can also provide interpretation into Hungarian and Chinese language.
  • On working days we answer to your request within minutes and you can expect to receive a quotation within the same day (depending on scope of service provided).
  • We deliver interpretation FROM and INTO any language. Based on your request we can deliver interpretation at any event at home or abroad.
  • Depending on your request we can deliver consecutive or simultaneous interpretation and also special interpreting equipment (headsets, booths, switching units).

Hints for your order:

Consecutive interpreting: after a sentence by the lecturer there is a pause and the interpreter provides the interpretation during the pause.
Simultaneous interpreting: two interpreters sitting in a booth, interpretation without pauses of the lecturer.
Guide interpreting is interpretation of tourist guide comments when visiting cultural and historical monuments.
Chuchotage (whispered interpreting) is simultaneous interpreting without a booth. The interpretation is provided by only one interpreter. Since he does not use interpreting equipment, he can only interpret to a maximum of two listeners – otherwise his voice would disturb the rest of the audience in the room and / or the lecturer.