What do we offer?

  • Upon your request, we will provide interpretation at any event at home or abroad. We can provide consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, as well as special interpreting equipment (microphones, listening stations, interpreting booths) that the event requires.
  • We will respond to your interpreting request within a few minutes during working days and we will prepare a quote for you within the same day, if possible. The final price is mainly influenced by the scope of the interpreting service, so we will discuss all the necessary details with you beforehand.

What kinds of interpreting do we deliver?

Consecutive interpreting: An interpreter translates during a break taken by a speaker.
Simultaneous interpreting: Two interpreters sit in an interpreting booth and translate without the speaker having to take breaks in his speech.
Tourist guide intepreting is an interpretation of a tourist guide when visiting cultural and historical monuments.
Shushotage is simultaneous interpreting without a booth, in which only one interpreter interprets. Since he works without interpreting equipment, he can whisper to a maximum of two present listeners, otherwise he would disturb the other listeners in the room with his voice.