• €0.09 per source word (depending on the text complexity).
  • Discounts available for texts of more than 1,000 source words.
  • Prior to each translation, you will receive an exact binding quote.
  • Very affordable prices for sworn translation:
    - from and into all common languages in combination with Slovak – €30 per standard page (+ VAT)*


  • From as little as €47.00 (+ VAT) per hour (for longer assignments, depending on the availability of particular interpreters)
  • Please request an immediate quote on +421 - 948 - 885 558 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Introductory discount for new clients:
    You will be given a 5% price discount on your first order.


A discount of 2.5% on all our services is granted to clients who enter into a long-term cooperation agreement with us.

* The standard page price for sworn translations also applies to an incomplete page of text, i.e. the price is rounded up.
* As the text on a physical page may exceed 250 words (= one standard page), the price is calculated on the basis of the number of standard pages.

Translation and interpretation prices. All prices are listed exclusive of VAT.


  1. Our first step is to send you a quote in the form of a pre-prepared purchase order (for any of our services).
  2. If you agree with the price and terms of delivery in the purchase order, you confirm it with your signature (and stamp, if a company), and send it back to us by e-mail, fax or post.
  3. We will subsequently send you an invoice consistent with your purchase order.
  4. If you are a natural person and new customer, upon placing your first three purchase orders you will receive an invoice for an advance payment. We deliver our services upon receipt of that payment. You can also pay at our office either upfront or upon handover of the translation. We accept credit and debit cards. We can also dispatch sworn translations to you for cash on delivery.
  5. If you are a legal entity, upon placing your first three purchase orders of more than €50 you will receive an invoice for an advance payment. We deliver our services upon receipt of that payment.
  6. Complaints about the quality of our services are upheld if they are confirmed by an independent and professionally competent third party selected by mutual agreement. Alternatively, we may accept the legitimacy of a complaint directly. We will fix any defects in services rendered that are established in such procedure promptly at our own expense.